Core Capabilities




Restaurant Search

Provides capability to search for brand restaurants on Just Eat platform.

Order Placement

Provides capability to create and place order or pre-order with brand restaurant.

Order API

Order Acceptance

Provides capability to accept, reject, cancel orders by brand restaurants.

Order Acceptance API

  • API endpoints consumed by Orderpad in restaurant (i.e. Restaurant Broker) to accept, reject or cancel the order.

Order Acceptance Webhooks

Order Delivery

Provides capability to integrate a world-class delivery platform into your app / web using the Just Eat’s Order Delivery API.

Order Delivery API

  • API endpoints consumed by Delivery Partners real time delivery updates about the Order.

Order Delivery Webhooks

POS Integration

Provides capability to send orders to any compatible Point of Sale (POS) system when the driver is a static ‘prep time’ away from the restaurant.

Order Webhooks


We offer Partners a simple and easy checkout experience to accept online/native payments.

Payments Overview

Operational Capabilities





Provides capability for invoicing & settlements for partners.



Provides comprehensive reporting capabilities that enables partners to track product KPIs.


Order Management

We provide device and acknowledgment flows for your restaurants to accept/reject and manage their orders.

For all of our white label integrations, Just Eat provides an Orderpad restaurant device to manage activities.

  1. Accepting orders
  2. Providing information on when the driver is arriving (for orders delivered by Just Eat Delivery Partners)
  3. Taking menu items offline
  4. Providing a backup source of orders if an order fails to make it to the POS

In the future, when orders will be accepted automatically on the Orderpad, and menus/item availability synced from the POS - there will be minimal / no need for a POS-integrated restaurant to interact with the Orderpad.


Customer Support

We can provide customer care for anything past the point we receive your order, through fulfillment and longer term post order care. You will benefit from our well trained, super experienced customer care teams around the world. We can also provide custom support, tailored to your brand or needs. Supporting the Just Eat platform is an extensive suite of operational capabilities, including order monitoring, issue resolution, phone masking, ticketing, reporting to name a few; everything you would expect of a world class customer care team.