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Just Eat Partner API gives brands and restaurants a powerful tool kit. Brand Partners can launch a high-converting food ordering capability & delivery experience quickly while retaining the ability to upsell ancillaries and own the customer.

‘Delivery as a Service’ Just Eat handles the entire delivery process

Power your branded delivery experience using Just Eat's technology and fleet

Using the Just Eat API, developers can integrate our on-demand delivery platform into their applications.

Our White Label integration is customisable and flexible to your needs, allowing you to enhance, extend or unlock capabilities that you cannot provide yourself or that could give you a competitive advantage. Just Eat platform currently powers ordering and fulfillment for many industry renowned partners and brands, allowing them to provide their own ordering channel experience complementary to the Just Eat marketplace. Our White Label integrations are built on top of the same technology and capabilities that Just Eat use for its own consumer sites/apps providing a simple and consistent customer experience.

This diagram covers the orders that are placed on Brand Partner applications and excludes
the orders that are placed on Just Eat Marketplace.

The above diagram explains the difference between orders placed on Just Eat marketplace and orders placed directly through Brand Integration Partners.

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