Ready to get started?

Getting started as a delivery partner in Just Eat

All new logistics partners should start by reviewing the Order Acceptance API documentation. Any questions or issues relating to the API or the integration process can be directed to [email protected] or contact your account manager from Just Eat

Partners who are ready to integrate need an API key in order to authenticate with the Just Eat platform. API keys can be requested from [email protected]

Partners with an API key can begin integration to the Orderconnect API. Basic test orders can be generated using the Orderconnect Swagger page. Partners will need to provide an endpoint URL to which orders will be delivered. More comprehensive test orders can be arranged, if necessary, in order to support the integration process.

Once a partner has completed their integration to the Just Eat API, the integration will need to be tested to ensure that it is functioning correctly. Before a partner can receive real orders, Just Eat will confirm that:

  • Valid HTTP responses are being received
  • All order state callbacks are being delivered
  • All required callback data is being provided
  • All GPS locations and timestamps are valid

Once we've done these sanity checks, you can commence delivering with us!