How the Integration Works

Delivery integrations are split into two distinct areas:

  1. Tracking Flow - Managing the real-time progress of an order, from receiving an order, assigning a driver, pick up from a restaurant, through to driver location(lat longs) and ending with handover to a customer. These events can serve informative purposes ~(e.g., ETA calculation, driver on the map) or decision making (e.g., live and non-live support). Most logistics partners achieve this by using geo-fencing on the driver apps.
  2. Delivery Pool & Capacity Management - Based on your supply health, you can send us an update on predicted pickup times per zone. This will help set accurate customer expectation prior to placing orders. This will also help us throttle the orders to logistics partners so that we do not send you more orders than you can fulfil. Additionally, you can also create and update different delivery pools.

Delivery zone(delivery pool) - a group of restaurants with geographic proximity that share drivers for a delivery shift. Delivery zone creation normally is a collaborative process between Just Eat delivery operations team and logistics partners to maximize driver utilisation (also to make sure customers get their food on time and in good condition). Terms pool and zone will be used synonymously in this document.

Tracking Flow

This integration typically includes the following interactions with Just Eat Platform

  1. Just Eat sends <delivery-partner> a new order with a proposed pickup time slot
  2. The <delivery-partner> must:
    1. Acknowledge the order
    2. Schedule delivery & assign a driver
    3. Inform Just Eat of the driver details
    4. Provide Just Eat of ETA for pickup in restaurant
    5. Provide Just Eat of ETA for delivery to customer
    6. Inform Just Eat of when the driver is at the restaurant and leaving the restaurant
    7. Provide Just Eat a constant stream of GPS coordinates (every 5-30 seconds) of the food’s geographical location
    8. Inform Just Eat when the driver is at the customer's address and when the food has been successfully delivered
  3. Just Eat may send the <delivery-partner> a food ready notification if the delivery driver is not visible at the pickup time, in the restaurant

Delivery Pool & Capacity Management

The capacity for delivery is ever changing depending on factors such as an hour of the day, day of the week, restaurant busyness, road condition, driver availability and weather. For efficiency on both side of the partnership, Just Eat offers an API allowing a <delivery-partner> to signal the current state of a delivery pool. These signals will serve informative purposes ~(e.g., ETA calculation, driver on the map) or decision making (e.g., live and non-live support).

This covers 2 key areas:

  1. Pool management - Creating, deleting and scheduling a pool and it’s operable times
  2. Pool pickup estimate- Provide us with a heartbeat estimate of pickup time per pool - For example, 20 mins until next pickup is available for pool A, this will help us set accurate customer expectation prior to placing an order.

These pickup times are fed into Just Eats machine learning algorithms to balance the supply and demand of orders coming from our customers and white label integrations.