About the Partnership

Just Eat works with logistics partners such as Stuart in the UK and several others in international markets to deliver orders for a brand and non-brand restaurants. We believe we can build economic synergies between Just Eat and partners to build a profitable offering. The logistics partners need to manage courier pools, dispatches, pickups, deliveries by utilizing their own technology and integrating into Just Eat Delivery APIs.

If you are a logistics provider this is the documentation you are looking for. Integrate with our suite of Delivery APIs and become part of the Just Eat family, helping to deliver food to our hungry customers.

Real-time data is at the heart of our delivery capability to ensure we surface up-to-date information on delivery progress for all of our customers. We deliver millions of orders every week through our platform and delivery partnerships around the world.

Once integrated with Just Eat, we will notify you of pending delivery orders and expect to receive updates on driver allocation, driver location and delivery statuses. You will also be able to keep us informed of the availability of drivers for a given area through supply signals such as estimated pickup times, which we use in our algorithms to manage restaurant availability on our platform.